Pfizer drones light sky with public health messages in China – AV Magazine

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer has put on a drone light show in a remote mountainous area of southwestern China, to promote public health education messages.

The 1,000 drone show aimed to relay six medical messages to local residents in the Yi ethnic group, about the importance of maternity testing, childhood vaccination, washing hands, restraint in alcohol use, mask wearing, and a balanced diet.

The 20-minute show, designed by Shanghai-based creative agency F5, was paired with broadcast commentaries in the Mandarin and Nuosu languages

F5 worked with health authorities in the Xichang area of Sichuan to create six proprietary cartoon characters called “the Jikes” after the most common surname among the Yi people. The characters include two grandparents, a dad, a mom, a little girl and an infant, who have their own stories supporting medical messages.

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